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AquaVac®-S is an effective and economical solution for water control in the Operating Room during arthroscopic surgical procedures of the shoulder.

AquaVac®-S is a double mat system fabricated from high grade rubber that seasl to the Operating Room floor. AquaVac®-S uses standard Operating Room suction (18 in. Hg) to remove spilled saline before it can spread away from the operative area. AquaVac®-S can remove all spillage during shoulder arthroscopic surgery when positioned and draped properly.

AquaVac®-S enhances surgical team comfort and performance with improved footing on the otherwise wet Operating Room floor. Operating Room turnover time is greatly reduced by elimination of work required to clean and dry the floor between cases. AquaVac®-S decreases liability for slips and personnel injury on a wet Operating Room floor. Rapid removal of potentially contaminated body fluids in the Operating Room is an added benefit of AquaVac®-S

AquaVac®-S controls spilled saline before it can flow away from the immediate surgical area during shoulder arthroscopy. Saline is directed to the AquaVac®-S where it is vacuumed away by suction. Adherence to recommended procedures will maximize performance.

AquaVac®-S incorporates two mats placed on the right and left side at the head of the Operating Room table. The upper surface of each mat directs fluid to the underside of the mat via 27 holes, allowing the surgeon to stand on a relatively dry surface (Fig. 1). The underside of AquaVac®-S is a series of channels which seal to the Operating Room floor and allow rapid removal of spilled saline by suction.

The right and left AquaVac®-S mats in each set are connected together and then to common suction by the InterVac onnector included with AquaVac®-S.

AquaVac®-S Placement and Draping

av200fg2Place the patient in the lateral decubitus position with the operative arm suspended. Position right and left AquaVac®-S at the head of the Operating Room table, on the anterior and posterior side of the patient (Fig. 2). If an armboard is used at the anterior side of the patient, it should be placed at shoulder level and angled 45° cephalad. The InterVac connector is inserted firmly into the common suction port of the right and left AquaVac®-S to achieve a tight seal with the common suction port and floor (Fig. 2b).

Two I.V. poles are placed on the right and left head of the Operating Room table (Fig. 3). The patient is prepped and draped and the anesthetist attaches drapes to the I.V. poles to allow patient access while directing fluid to the top surface of each AquaVac®-S.

The right or left AquaVac®-S may be shifted somewhat for optimum performance. Surgical experience has shown that the AquaVac®-S at the posterior side of the patient may be best positioned 4 to 6 inches above (cephalad to) the leg of the Operating Room table. Drapes are positioned to deliver fluid to the anterior and posterior AquaVac®-S (Fig. 4).

AquaVac®-S enables rapid removal of potentially contaminated fluids from the Operating Room floor. Disposal or thorough cleaning at the end of each case is recommended.

The InterVac connector is a closed channel and should be replaced at the end of each case. The InterVac connector is available separately from ArthroPlastics in boxes of 10.

Warpage of the AquaVac®-S and loss of floor seal limits effectiveness, requiring replacement of the AquaVac®-S.

Standard Operating Room disinfectant, clorox solution, as well as by cart-washer (the mats can withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit).

Stand on a wet AquaVac®-S only when it is attached to suction. Vacuum suction to the floor keeps the mat from moving. Do not use AquaVac®-S on a waxed Operating Room floor.

AquaVac®-S should be stored in its carton at room temperature (60-74°F). Unopened AquaVac®-S may be stored on-end or flat. AquaVac®-S has a limited shelf life and the rubber may stiffen - limiting ability to seal to the floor.

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