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testimonialpic-1I've seen products that are supposed to increase productivity - but this one really cuts O.R. turnover time!
- Orthopaedic Nurse at Greater Cleveland Area Hospital

The AquaVac® systems are the most effective, cost-saving systems available. The AquaVac® mats meet and exceed all our OR needs.
- Supervisory RN at a California Surgery Center

We are so happy that we can purchase this product at such a cost-effective price. Our hospitals and private orthopaedic clinics use the AquaVac® carpets during surgery in the operating room because they do not run the risk of slipping as a result of liquids that spill on the floor. I think of AquaVac® as a simple product, but really efficient.
- Hospital Purchasing Agent, Italy

I have never had a problem supporting a product I believe in and yours has definitely made my OR life easier.
- RN Operating Room Coordinator

Your AquaVac® came through with flying colors. We are using your mat and love it.
- Hospital OR Inventory Control Liaison

I believe in AquaVac® mats because they have definitely made my O.R. life easier.
- R.N. Operating Room Coordinator, Virginia

Our O.R. staff think your AquaVac® mats are wonderful, and our arthroscopic surgeon will not operate without them.
- Head O.R. Nurse, Surgery Center, Maryland

You must get a lot of orders – what a great product!
- Head O.R. Nurse, Tennessee

These mats are fabulous. Every hip arthroscopist should be using these.
- Arthroscopic Surgeon, Michigan


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